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Looking for a Mattress Manufacturer or Supplier?

Matelas Selection Inc. sells directly to the public a range of 70 models of mattresses that are only available through its showroom under it’s Signature trademark. We also manufacture another range of mattresses, under a different trademark, that are destined to furniture and mattresses retailers.

We produce the full spectrum of mattresses on the market today, from the entry level model all the way to the top of the line; traditional innerspring, Pocket coil, Foam, Composite, Latex and Memory foam. This means that regardless of the market segment you cater to we can manufacture the mattresses you need.

So if you are looking for a high quality mattress supplier that is a reliable vendor, that can provide fast service, or simply looking to change your current supplier do not hesitate to give us a call at (514) 524-2644 for more information.

In comparison with a similar quality product from the competition our prices are cheaper and that means they are easier for you to sell.

We can manufacture your mattresses to your brand requirements.

Contact us today and get the Matelas Selection advantage!