About us

After 26 years in the business, Yvan Thibault founded Matelas Selection Inc in 1989. His idea was to draw on his years of experience and create his own products.  For him, the only way to ensure total satisfaction of his future customers, was to use  the best of materials available to the market.

His son Stephane, a hard worker at heart, had always shown interest in his father business. In 2006 Stéphane took what seemed to him as the next logical step and became co-owner. This important step ensured that the company founded by his father back in 1989 would remain within the family and continue to prosper.

Even today the skills accrued by the founder, Yvan Thibault, still remain present within the manufacturing process. It’s with this expert know how and skilled craftsmanship that Matelas Selection Inc. has been able to continuously develop a multitude of product lines that started back in 1989.

From standard to custom, we are the specialists in mattresses and box springs manufacturing. Even the level of firmness can be finely tuned to your exact specification or to accommodate a surplus of weight (Option+). We also manufacture Moroccan and Arabs style benches.

We offer a wide range of products that provide our customers with a multitude of technologies and materials to choose from.

We also provide our customers with accessories that will make their life easier (waterproof mattress protectors, pillows, pillow protectors, beds, adjustable beds, folding metal beds, metal bases, wooden legs for box springs, etc.).