All our mattresses are made right here in our factory store. You can even watch the manufacturing from the store, via our laboratory corner, which overlooks the factory.

Our mattress protector is always your best ally when it comes to maintaining your mattress. By purchasing our mattress protector, you make sure that no liquid damages your product.

To ensure a uniform distribution of normal wear and tear on the mattress, it is important to rotate it quarterly. For reversible mattresses, perform a first double-sided rotation, and the following quarter a head-to-foot rotation. Alternate with subsequent rotations. For non-reversible mattresses, rotate head-to-foot every quarter.

If you are worried about forgetting your rotations, you can register now for our mattress rotation reminder service. This service is free and allows you to receive a reminder every three months.

If you neglect the maintenance of your mattress, it could void your warranty.

Try our mattresses by visiting our factory store and benefit of our adjustment service.

We offer a home delivery service. We offer the choice of the day and a two-hour window.

Our delivery times vary between 7 to 10 days.

We offer a partial or full installation service, depending on your needs, for a fee.

Our primary mission is to find the ideal mattress for your needs. If you are not entirely satisfied with your choice, we will take the time with you to adjust your mattress and to find your optimal comfort zone. With the purchase of our mattress protector, you will benefit from our 45-day comfort guarantee, which allows you a free adjustment/exchange.

We accept payments by credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), by debit cards (Interac), by bank transfers, or cash.

For all our guarantees, refer to our guarantees section (Matelas Selection Experience).